HooBee Prices


Saddle model


Leather / Nubuck


no extras 495.00 545.00
extra knee or seat 520.00 570.00
extra knee and seat 545.00 595.00


no extras 595.00 645.00
extra knee or seat 620.00 670.00
extra knee and seat 645.00 695.00


All inclusive 750.00

Saddle Extras

retrospective changes to saddles
Adding to seat (All models) 35.00
Adding to the knee padding (Std) 35.00
Adding to the knee padding (Ultra/Elite) 45.00
New knee pad(Std) 35.00
New knee pad(Ultra/Elite) 40.00
'D' rings x2 front 28.00
'D' rings x2 rear 28.00

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These prices are correct as at 01 July 2007. Whilst making every effort to keep these details accurate and up to date, we reserve the right to change prices without notice. HooBee Saddles terms and conditions are available here.