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Bringing you up to speed! Sorry it’s been so long.

During Spring 2009 SH Bally Caretino was intermittently lame and after a trip to see PJ McMahon she was diagnosed with an irreparable bone chip in her off hind. Over last winter she stayed continually sound after which we decided to have her re x-rayed in Spring 2010. From what we can see from this the bone chip appears to have been reabsorbed so we are starting to bring her back to fitness slowly and hope she returns to the same levels soon.

Ballycash competed in the Speed Derby during the Spring meet at Bicton and at 24 years of age gave everyone a run for their money showing them what it was all about, winning the 1.10 the following day. She is now enjoying a well deserved rest in the field and loving life but can't wait to get back to competition as soon as the ground is better as she is refusing to be retired.

Unfortunately Miss Nativio fell in the trailer on the way to Bicton and was unable to compete but thanks to the staff at Wolfgar veterinary practice for making her stay at Bicton as comfortable and stress free as possible. Huge thanks to North Park Veterinary Group for the ongoing after-care and patience she required. She has now been given the all clear and we will be slowly rehabilitating her for some time.

Devonair SH is quietly being broken and enjoying every minute of it and looking forward to the futurity evaluation in August at Tall Trees at which she hopes to hold on to her first premium but will be entered in the show jumping section as a three year old rather than the Dressage section that she competed in as a yearling.

Celtic Z is very proud of his first premium that he received at the futurity grading on the 13th of July at The Grange and is now relaxing in the field waiting to see what life brings him next.

We have been working with Frank Baines and are developing the next line of saddles which we hope to have on sale by early 2011, we aim to launch these at the Christmas Equine Fair at Westpoint, Exeter.

We have been loose jumping all our youngsters, which are all for sale, and if you would like to see them in action go to

Finally, we are also proud to announce that Annette is back teaching and can be contacted on 07786 002707 if you are interested in joining in on a jumping session or booking an individual lesson.

28th July 2008

Well we have had a brilliant weekend.
  • On Friday Devonair SH went to the BEF Dressage Yearling Evaluation and got a first premium with the highest score in her section.
  • On Sunday Beth Tuff jumped SH Ballycaretino for the first time and won the 1.05m Open and jumped her first Newcomers for 8 faults so we were absolutely delighted.
  • Ballycash and Celtic Z are going to go our local show on 2nd August to do the mare and foal class, I can’t cope with taking more than one mare and foal at a time!! I will be jumping SH Ballycaretino but it’s only small so will be some fun for her.
More news soon...

6th July 2008

At last our foaling for 2008 is over, we now have 3 lovely foals on the ground with 3 happy mares.

On Friday 4th July Indy was born, it wasn’t without it’s difficulties as Miss Harmony is a maiden (first time) but by the early hours of the morning Indy had worked out where her food came from and Miss Harmony had decided she wasn’t an alien!! They have just been out in the field for the first time, just for half an hour this time.

Thomas is still without a stud name, but we have ideas and Harry is loving life and just beginning to get inquisitive about what humans are and whether or not they are edible. Thomas however has no such doubts, he demands attention at every opportunity which means doing the stables takes at least 3 times as long as it should...

Yesterday we went to watch SH Ballyzach jump for our first time in a very long time. Previously, every time I have been to watch him he has a fence down which for him is very unusual, this time however, he jumped a lovely double clear in the Foxhunter at Bicton to come 3rd so I am no longer banned. Justin Tuff also won the 1.40 on Retro and had a number of other placings on his other horses so all good.

SH Ballycaretino’s show was cancelled today so I have missed out on competing but there there will be plenty of other opportunities.

28th June 2008

Another busy week at Allen Equestrian:

Ballycash has had her foal, he's a nice bay colt and very friendly. His name is not yet decided as we can’t have the names we had been considering, we have now discovered, as the Zangersheide Stud require it to follow the sires first initial. This means it has to start a 'C', as well as end with ' Z'!

SH Ballyzach jumped his first Newcomers second round at Wales and West and unfortunately had a foot in the water which Justin and Beth were very disappointed about but he has another go in August at Pyecombe in Sussex.

I actually got to compete SH Ballycaretino last weekend in the Riding Club Area Showjumping competition and we won the Style jumping and came 4th in the Intermediate Individual competition, unfortunately the team were not in the running.

SH Ballycaretino also did her second BE, at Nutwell Court, and got a score of 38.4 in the Dressage but a spook in the cross country which resulted in a refusal which dropped her out of the placings. Her next event is at Stockland Lovell in the Pre Novice, her first, on 12th July.

Miss Harmony has still not foaled but she is now approaching a week late so it should be very soon...

Finally, I have decided to enter Devonair SH in the yearling Young Horse Evaluation on 25th July at The Grange.

15th June 2008

I am sorry this has been a long time coming but we have been very busy.

Firstly, as you can see, we have had the arrival of the first of the foals due this year. He is a colt, out of Miss Nativio by Jack of Diamonds. He is currently bay but we think he is going to end a grey, like his Dad. After 10 days of hourly night checks he was born at 9am in the morning with no one around but fortunately it all went smoothly.

Zachy has now done 2 trips abroad with Justin Tuff. He first went to Italy in April and jumped in the 6 year old classes out there against 65 others. He was top 10 in 4 out of 5 classes and only had 2 fences down all trip. Then as Justin did so will out there with his top horse Retro he was picked for a Nations cup team in Poznan, Poland and decided to take Zachy with him. He jumped in the young horse classes and was top 6 year old in every class against 6 and 7 year olds and had no faults the whole trip. He finished up coming 4th in the Young horse final. He is now back in the UK and went to Wales and West for a Newcomers second round where he had a foot in the water much to everyone’s disappointment.

Carrie has started her eventing career with my friend and neighbour Caroline Friend riding. In her first event which was unaffiliated she did a double clear and was inside the time and finished up winning it. She then did her first BE Intro where she also did a double clear inside the time and came 3rd which we were thrilled with.

We are now awaiting the arrival of our next 2 foals and will update you as there is more news.

7th October 2007

It’s been very quiet here, I did a spot of course building for our local pony club’s One Day Event. The instruction I received from the organisers was to 'make the show jumping count'. I think we did that as we only had a handful of clears in each class but, I don’t think I was very popular with the riders though.

We have 2 horses in to break at the moment, Billy and Henry. Both are now being ridden and both progressing well. Henry will be for sale and I will put more information on about him soon. Carrie is now having a holiday as a reward after we went schooling round a 2’9 show jumping course. She jumped fantastically well and then went round the 2’9 cross country course with only a couple of spooks which we were very impressed with.

We have recently negotiated a retail arrangement and will soon have the facility to display all products via the website. We will be e-mailing our customers when this is available. We will also be lauching our photo gallery and if anyone has any thoughts on what this should be like please email me on

9th Sep 07

Again, lots to report hence the short time frame since the last update. Cass and Minnie have now had their second scan and all is looking fine. So, in summary, Becky is due on 6th June 2008 and Minnie and Cass are due on 28th June 2008, I just hope that nature takes it’s course and spreads them out a bit!!

Other really good news is that Carrie has been going so unbelievably well that not only did we do some cross country schooling at home with her, we then took her to our local XC course and schooled round those fences. Again, she went brilliantly so I decided to take her to a competition today. She handled the people and the warm-up beautifully. Out on the course she was given a technical refusal because she jumped sideways at a jump however, she went straight through 2 waters and virtually every other fence so I am not going to complain.

I am hoping to take her out again at the end of this month and have been invited to join some friends in a novice team chase made up of four 4 year olds which will be fun as none of them will be serious and the horses can just have a 'quiet' school round. We are still aiming on doing some dressage and BSJA jumping through the winter before considering selling her in the spring although we are already getting in interest in her so she may be gone before then if someone is prepared to dig deep in their pockets!! If you are interested and would like to come and see her or meet us at a show click here for our contact details.

3rd Sep 2007

Zachy is now enjoying a well earned holiday as Justin Tuff is jumping in Portugal with his top horse Retro so we wish him luck. Although before Zach had his holiday he went to a show and was 2nd, with 2 double clears, in both the Discovery and Newcomers!

We took Mumble to the BEF (British Equestrian Federation) Young Horse Evaluation and she got a 2nd Premium scoring 7.55, I have to say I was a bit disappointed and the comment from the judges was that she "lacked maturity", as she’s a foal I’m not sure how to take that!

Carrie is now going really well, popping over small jumps and is off cross-country schooling this week.

We now have 2 guests staying, Billy has come in to be broken and Archie is back for some schooling while his owner is on holiday so all in all we are very busy!!

12th August 2007

Well lots has happened in the last 2 weeks! We went to our local show and Bertie was taken into two in hand classes, ably led by my 2 stepchildren, and he won 3rd in the Best Grass Kept. Becky and Mumble did the best mare and foal class and Becky was 3rd in the mare section and Mumble 2nd in the foal section. Cass won the veteran but as she is 21, going on 4, that’s not unsurprising!

Last Saturday Becks had her 30 day scan and all is looking well, Cass and Minnie had their first scan and both are in foal – hurrah! We now have to wait for their 30 day scan to make sure everything is all OK.

Zachy went to Bicton and came equal 1st in the 5 year old qualifier and then had 4 faults in the final, but that was OK.

Finally, we took Carrie out for her first ride today, apart from the fact that everything in the entire universe was terrifying she was very good. We only spooked at the shadows, the tarmac, the cows, the trees, the white lines and everything else that came our way!!!!

29th July 2007

What a busy week we have had. We were hoping to see Zach jumping again today, but surprise surprise the show was cancelled. He is now having his final preparations to go to the 5 year old class at Addington so fingers crossed for that.

We have now moved on in leaps and bounds (literally) with breaking in Carrie. We decided to go for it and I rode her completely on my own round the field. The school we can use is a 10 minute hack away, which in the main, works well as it's a good warm up/cool down period but as Carrie hasn't been on the road yet I have made do with the field! Anyway she was a proper little star and we even had a little trot and canter and she went very well, apart from the odd leap and bound!!

We also have been doing some more work with Berty, unfortunately I can't ride him as he is only 10 hands so my step son does the honours, I have now got a 15.5" demo saddle on order so that we use that on Berty and for anyone who would like to try a HooBee on a pony.

Min and Cass were AI'd last week so we wait with baited breath for their scan to see whether we have finally got all 3 mares in foal.

Finally, it's all systems go this week as we are taking Becky, Mumble, Berty and Cass to our local show next Saturday. Becky and Mumble are doing the Hunter mare with foal at foot class, Berty is doing best 1, 2 and 3 year old in hand and the best grass kept in hand and Cass is doing Veteran and 2 jumping classes. Full report and hopefully photos next week.

22nd July

Becky has now scanned in foal at 18 days and she will now be re-scanned at around 30 days to check everything is OK. Cass has come in to season and is being AI'd on 24th July.

We have been to watch Zach jump and he jumped clear in both Discovery and Newcomers, Justin decided that he needed an easy day after what he has been doing. He jumped well in the jump offs but was not placed.

We have been breaking Carrie in now for 2 weeks and she is long reining and lunging really well and soon we hope to long rein out on the roads, we are fortunate in that the roads where we live are very quiet. I have been sitting on her quietly and for the first time rode her off the lead. We have found that as she is 4 we can go a little quicker than if she was only a 3 year old.

15th July 2007

We have now received word from our product supplier that we can start selling through the website so watch the products page for changes. Also let me know if there is anything in particular that people would like to see us supply.

Zach went to Addington last week and the report we have received is that he again jumped superbly which is all good.

We have had a horse in for 4 weeks to have some schooling and he moved out this week. The reports we are getting from his owner is that they are seeing a massive improvement which we are very pleased with.

Finally, we have started breaking in Carrie (SH Ballycaretino) and Bertie. Bertie is one that came down to be used as a companion all 10 hands of him!! He is 3 now so we have started him too. We are long reining them and as Carrie is already 4 have started sitting on her to get used to it. It’s all going very well and the plan is to do some dressage and jumping indoors this winter which the way things are is looking positive.

1st July 2007

Zach has just competed at his first Hicksted at the Derby meeting and jumped the Novice which is Newcomers equivalent. He jumped a double clear, he also jumped the 5 Year old class and had a clear and 4 faults in the jump, both the rider and myself are very pleased.

The mares have finished their 10 day course of Regumate and have duly come in to season. We are hoping to AI on Tuesday 2nd July all being well with their scans on Monday morning to check that all is looking good. Becky is going to Jack of Diamonds, Cass to Cobra and Minnie to Waldo Van Dungen. For more information on these stallions please go to the stallions page.

We have also had a horse called Archie in for schooling and his owner came to see him today and is very pleased with his progress and he will be going home to do some eventing on saturday.

Finally I have been doing a course of jumping training for the local pony club and last week's lesson was cancelled due to the horrendous weather we have been having and I have just found out this week's lesson has been moved indoors which I'm very pleased about!!

Devon Diamond SH

Devon Diamond SH

Our first 2008 foal. Out of Miss Nativio, by Jack of Diamonds.